Flexible Non Metallic Conduit

Manufactured with a spiral of rigid PVC reinforcement imbedded within a flexible PVC wall. The construction provides excellent impact and crush strength while remaining highly flexible. The conduit resists oils, mild acids and exposure to sunlight. For the installation and protection of electrical conductors in circuits of 600 volts nominal, or less. Where the conditions on installation, operation, or maintenance require flexibility or protection from liquids, vapors, solids, or weather. Used in industrial and commercial applications for conveyors, blowers, cranes, air conditioners, machine tooling and lubrication equipment. Exposed or concealed installations. Applications requiring movement, crossover connections, or tight bends. For direct burial and encased in concrete.
Part Number Sku Code Size Length
NMC038 8165 3/8 (in) 100
NMC050 8166 1/2 (in) 100
NMC075 8167 3/4 (in) 100
NMC100 8168 1 (in) 100
NMC125 8169 1 1/4 (in) 50
NMC150 8170 1 1/2 (in) 50
NMC200 8171 2 (in) 25